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17 features of iOS 8

17 features of iOS 8

We took a look at the iOS 8 in the WWDC. Here is a summarized version where we will take a look at the features. Developers were undoubtedly the star of the conference. A new programming language called Swift, widgets, third party keyboards and more.

Let us take a look at how iOS 8 will change our day to day life while using our iDevices.

Per App Battery Usage Stats

This is a common feature on the Android phones however it is new on the iDevices. Fianlly users will get to know which apps are draining the battery most and choose to terminate it. Depending on your iPhone usage, there are many apps that run in the background. Now you can know exactly which ones you need to kill and which ones are safe to run.

This feature will also benefit developers as they will be able to learn more about their own apps and make them more efficient.

3rd party keyboards

Finally we will all be able to use Swype as our favorite keyboard. With iOS8 is coming the ability to support system wide 3rd party keyboards. iOS8′s default keyboard will also support predictive text and Apple claims that it is superior than its competitors. It learns what you want to say to different friends and colleagues.

Swype has already announced that it will make its keyboard available on iDevices.


Collaboration through the cloud has a whole new meaning now. With iOS 8 c omes the ability to take your task from one device to another seamlessly. So you can start a call on one device and continue the talk on the other. This will also work for iPads and Macs.

Airdrop also gets a boost and will work for all iDevices. Now using your iPhone as a personal hotspot has never been easier. There’s no configuration needed — the iPhone will just know when your Mac needs the connection.


More and more people are now using their smartphones as their basic camera. New features such as 3 second timer and time lapse capture for video. There are other controls such as focus and exposure controls. Not sure if it will be able to replace my favorite app Camera+ though.

iCloud Photo Library

iCloud currently stores the last 1,000 photos from your iOS devices for free. With iOS 8, users will be able to upgrade to iCloud Photo Library, which will instantly upload all iPhone/iPad photos and videos to iCloud. Users only get 5GB for free, though — storage costs $0.99 a month for 20GB, with tiers all the way up to 1TB. (The Google+ app on iOS, by the way, will back up all your photos up to Google’s 15 GB limit, for free).

Family Sharing

Family Sharing lets different Apple users share all content they’ve downloaded from iTunes. Up to six people can be designated family members, and it provides a great solution to the problem of kids downloading paid apps on their parents’ credit cards: With Family Sharing, the parent gets notified, and then can grant or deny the purchase.

Interactive Notifications

No need to launch the message app to reply to a message notification. Simply pull down the banner that appears when you receive a message and you will be able to respond. This also works on lock screen and in-apps so you dont have to stop playing Asphalt 8 Airborne.


This is one feature that users have been waiting for ever since Android hit mainstream. Widgets. They are finally coming to iDevices with iOS 8. However you will not find widgets on the home screen. Rather they will reside in the notification centre. Extensibility which makes widgets possible will now allow apps to share data with other apps.

Lock Screen App Suggestions

A new icon will be seen on your lock screen. Pulling it down will launch something similar to the AppStore which will give you app suggestions based on your location. Not sure how this will affect the battery life or if there is a on/off trigger to activate and deactivate it.

TouchID for all Apps

I think I will finally be able to lock my Whatsapp and messages now. TouchId will now work with 3rd party apps allowing more wider use for the biometrics app which became all the rage some time ago. Let us wait and see how developers make use of this.

iCloud Drive

Another feature is the new and improve iCloud Drive which will solve the long standing problem of a lack of file system on iOS. iCloud Drive will work the same way as Dropbox and Google Drive and worl on Windows also but not on Android.


Siri is now always listening to whatever you say and the moment you say “Hey Siri”, it will be activated. However the phone needs to be plugged into power for this to work which suggests that Apple sees it as a solution for cars.

Shazam has been built in so now you can identify that faster and more easily.

Contacts App

Now when you double click the home button, you will not only see apps that are running but also some of the most recent contacts. This will obviously save time and make calling friends and family quicker.

Improved spotlight

Searching on the iPhone in iOS 8 now brings up Wikipedia, App Store and iTunes results for anything you’re searching for.

Improved Safari

Safari got a huge upgrade in iOS 7, and although the upgrades in iOS 8 are more incremental (and already exist in other browsers), they’re welcome. There’s more flexibility in Private browsing, letting you keep regular and private tabs separate. DuckDuckGo — the privacy-preserving alternative to Google — is supported as a search engine, and users will be able to easily request the desktop version of any site.

Weather Channel

In iOS 7, Apple’s weather app got its info from Yahoo. Starting in iOS 8, that data comes from the Weather Channel.


Something that we all have been waiting for, Apple’s HealthBook which was renamed to HealthKit possibly at the last moment.

The new Health app is straightforward: It provides a central place for all the health and fitness information you’re storing on the iPhone. Many apps, such as Nike+ and Fitbit, do this individually, but now those apps will be able to integrate into one app — presuming developers take advantage of Apple’s HealthKit platform.

Apple is also partnering with healthcare providers to help bring the iPhone health data to the doctors and care specialists who can really do something with it. Health could have a profound effect on preventative medicine, if both developers and care centers support it.

via – Mashable

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